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FusionHR Guide: Human Resources’ Role in Data Security

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of our digital lives. It seems that every month headlines of massive breaches blare across our news feeds: from 53-million Home Depot user accounts compromised in September 2014 to 1-billion Yahoo user accounts in December 2016. These large numbers belie the threat faced by smaller businesses, as they may not have the infrastructure to properly secure data or bounce back from a costly cyber-attack. Therefore, it is vital for Human Resources to become actively involved in data security through choosing the right cloud vendors to partner with as well as driving employee awareness around data security.

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  • Analyze the importance of data security and the most common types of breaches.
  • Understand how cloud vendors are protecting Human Resources Information Systems from data security threats.
  • Explain how human resources teams can take responsibility for data security and drive employee awareness to improve accountability and reduce the risk of data breaches.

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