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Human Capital Management

FusionHR’s HCM platform not only provides best in class benefits enrollment software, but is also up to the task of taking a potential candidate all the way through a lifecycle of an employee. From applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, benefit enrollment, time and labor management and more.

Our comprehensive ACA module gives you all of the tools necessary to stay up to date with current ACA compliance including submission of 1094 and 1095 forms directly to the IRS through e-filing.

FusionHR combines benefit brokerage, payroll and HCM into one system giving you more time to focus on developing people and strategy to move your company to the next level.

HR Administrators will easily be able to control Health Benefits, HR & Payroll from one login.  Share information, restrict or allow access, and communicate with  employees all from your Company portal.

Employees will have 24/7 access to their employee portal.  They can make changes allowed to their information.  They can look up and answer their own questions about the benefits they chose.

System Features

FusionHR has created a dynamic module with the thought of retaining time while escaping the hassle of a burdensome integration. By utilizing your existing data, you are able to save crucial time by producing reports and forecasts that can be sent to employees and the IRS within minutes.

ACA Background
The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) “Play or Pay” rule requires large employers to offer health plan coverage to their full-time employees or pay a federal tax penalty that can result in significant financial burdens.

Between analyzing full-time equivalents, figuring out those pesky tax codes, and ensuring the IRS and employees are reported to on time, you might find yourself looking for a consolidated system to manage your data.

Simplify Your Data with FusionHR’s Enterprise Platform!
Knowing the fast paced and nontraditional schedules of the typical HR employee, time is truly of the essence. Utilizing a platform that consolidates and simplifies your core data and HCM modules will save you time and reduce unnecessary leg work. This was the idea in mind when we develop a true enterprise platform that organizes your personnel data in a uniquely robust yet simplistic structure.

The required data to effectively manage and report ACA compliance can be intimidating, which is why utilizing an enterprise platform is key. With FusionHR’s ACA module you won’t need to worry because most of your data is already housed here!

FusionHR’s ACA module uses your already existing data to analyze employees, down to their benefits, compensation and demographics to effortlessly produce and transmit all 1094s and 1095s to your staff and IRS, leaving your HR team free to focus on their core responsibilities.

FusionHR has created a comprehensive ACA Reporting Package that contains the information you need to comply with ACA regulations. Our reporting package includes the following services and features that can help you meet the ACA requirements.

ACA Module Features

  • Alerts
  • Ability to offer employees coverage at the click of a button
  • FTE/ALE forecasting
  • Personalized ACA profiles
  • E-Filing
  • Easy access for employees
  • Multiple EIN reporting
  • 1094/1095 B/C generation

FusionHR’s Applicant Tracking module provides for a simple yet powerful mechanism for managing and automating the entire applicant and talent acquisition process.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides a centralized and
ats-2streamlined process for creating job requisitions, customization of job-specific questions, and an out-of-the-box recruiting portal, which can be easily linked to an organization’s existing website or from most external job boards.

The ATS module provides the flexibility you look for, such as:

  • Referral source tracking
  • Customizable email templates to communicate with the applicant throughout the hiring process
  • Workflow integration
  • EEO reporting

Applicant Tracking is an important component of a business for a variety of reasons and can provide many advantages, some of which include:

  • Improved Efficiency: Quickly generate a requisition and post that requisition to the recruiting portal for instant visibility.
  • Electronic Applicant Tracking: Access applicant information directly through the system, including resumes, work references, education history and much more. Applicants can be easily viewed for any requisition.
  • Data Analysis: The applicant tracking reporting dashboard provides key insights into how many applicants are being received and how quickly positions are being filled among many other valuable views.

In addition to managing your talent acquisition through FusionHR, we provide an integration with Aurico Reports, Inc. to assist you with background screening. Aurico offers our clients a full-range of background screening services to help you manage your staffing and performance needs throughout the hiring process.

ZipRecruiter Boost white (1)NEW! Our Applicant Tracking System is now integrated with ZipRecruiter. Reach the right candidates and make the best hiring decisions with single-click postings to 50+ leading job networks and 20 million job seekers through ZipRecruiter’s email job alert program.

The FusionHR Benefits Management module provides administrators the ability to oversee benefits and apply deductions to employee records along with the capability to allow employee input on these elections.

Key Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Connects employees, administrators, carriers and payroll through one central system that can be accessed anytime via the Web.
  • Employees can compare, analyze and check plan costs prior to enrollment
  • Gives your employees a greater appreciation of the value of their benefits package.
  • Employees can print consolidated benefit statements at any time.
  • Rules-based eligibility engine.
  • Reconcile premium bills.
  • Provides state-of-the-art security for your data.
  • Allows for easy approval and management of employee benefits.
  • Benefits data is automatically exported to your carriers and payroll.

FusionHR’s Employee Portal makes it convenient for your employees to manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real-time through one central web-based system that they can access from anywhere at any time. The Employee Portal is part of our integrated system that connects employees, managers, administrators, carriers and payroll.

Key Features:

  • Employee_HomePg_MayEmployees can enroll in or change all aspects of their benefits and other HR-related information themselves.
  • Allows employees to compare, analyze and check plan costs prior to benefits enrollment.
  • Provides employees with a benefit summary statement after they enroll in or change their benefits as well as allows employees to view the value of their compensation package with Personalized Total Compensation Statements.
  • The employee portal allows employees to go through the review process by utilizing our Performance Management module. Employees can revisit their goals throughout the year through their portal.
  • Employees can submit benefit and HR-related changes electronically for review and approval using our workflow feature.
  • Gives employees access to pertinent company and benefits information via the Information Links and Documents sections.
  • Employees can easily request time off and complete timesheets through our time and attendance module.
  • Allows employees to enter their own demographic information, including emergency contacts, direct deposit, federal and state taxes and much more.
  • Is easily configurable to include the features and content most relevant to your company.

The Performance Management module supports organizations in recording their job descriptions, employee training, and annual reviews in one convenient location. With well-defined positions and training modules, organizations can conduct objective reviews where employees are evaluated by direct as well as downstream managers. PM_BrochureEmployee personal goals are also part of the module and can be approved or denied depending on the scope of the position. Performance Management data can be used to evaluate employees for merit increases in compensation and/or modified position classifications.

The Performance Management module includes Reviews, Training, and Positions setup. Training and Positions can be incorporated into a review or used as stand-alone features.

Key Features

  • Define corporate objectives and link to employee Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Employees and Managers complete performance reviews directly through the Employee Portal.
  • Define position control factors: position descriptions, training profile, skill profile, and performance goals.
  • Track training and certification programs with an automated renewal process.
  • Easily identify trends in employee behaviors and performance.

FusionHR offers a library of reports that makes accessing and analyzing information from within the system simple and convenient for you.

Standard Reports

  • Hundreds of reports available across all modules
  • Standard pre-built reports
  • One-click access
  • Exportable to PDF or MS Excel format

Advanced Reports

  • Electronically create and deliver to carriers benefit files in HIPAA 834 format
  • Established relationships with 300+ carriers
  • Custom report writing wizard
  • Recurring schedule functionality to automate reporting functions
  • View a full history of all exports

TLMFusionHR’s Time and Attendance feature allows your employees to enter their time and managers to approve it through the Employee Portal. FusionHR then electronically routes the data to your payroll provider.

Key Features

  • Flexible entry assignments allow time data to be captured through punches in the employee portal, integration with a physical timeclock, timesheets, and a kiosk setup
  • Employee identification methods include 4-digit pin, card swipe, and fingerprint scan.
  • Managers can review and approve time for employees directly through the Employee Portal. Settings can also be configured to empower managers with various time data.
  • Expense reporting available.
  • Extensive pay period reporting.

Time_Off_TrackingThe Time Off Tracking feature provides for a simple, yet powerful, mechanism to define how employees should earn “Time Off” and then track the usage of that “Time Off” by employees. In general, the Time Off tracking feature provide following functionality.

Key Features

  • Automatically calculates available Time Off for each employee. This can be either through “accrual based” rules or through annual awarded units.
  • Allows employees to request Time Off through the Employee Portal. Employee requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate manager for approval.
  • Allows employees to view balances and accrual transactions through their Employee Portal.
  • Allows Managers to view pending requests and take appropriate action on those requests by utilizing variety of built-in tools.
  • Allows Administrators the ability to quickly configure Reporting/Routing Hierarchies.
  • Provides a reporting dashboard to Administrators to track trends in their Time Off data and analyze how Time Off is being utilized by employees.

WF_BrochureMany employers rely on efficient process flow as part of their HR toolkit. The Workflow Management module provides a simple but powerful mechanism for tracking tasks as they progress from one employee to another. Workflows provide improved efficiency, standardization of working methods, and streamlining responsibilities.

The most common type of activities most tracked via a workflow are:

  • Onboarding a new hire
  • Termination process and COBRA notification
  • Time tracking approvals before payroll
  • Time off submissions and approvals
  • Annual compliance notifications

In addition, an available integration with Adobe EchoSign can further simplify your process by incorporating editable W-4 and I-9 forms so you are easily able to capture an employee signature.

Benefits of using Workflow Management:

  • Workflow can be triggered automatically when an event occurs in the system.
  • Workflow can include as many steps and as many resources as needed to fully manage an entire process.
  • Emails can be triggered on a set schedule to remind your resources they have a step to complete in the process.
  • You may attach documents to the workflows.

Benefits of Using Adobe EchoSign in Your Onboarding Process:

  • EchoSign supports multiple file formats including Word Documents, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, and graphics (jpg, tiff, png).EchoSign_Logo
  • EchoSign digital signatures are legally compliant.
  • EchoSign enrollment will allow ALL of your staff to sign legally binding documents.
  • All documents signed by the workflow resources will be stored in their HCM employee profile.
  • Fillable documents can be used in the EchoSign module to collect information along with a signature.
  • Distribute new hire contracts, policy acknowledgments, and handbooks within the HCM workflows.