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On-time, accurate payroll is one of the essential HR components businesses rely on. Having effective payroll comes with endless tasks that employers must execute flawlessly every pay period. Between tax filings, garnishments, new hire reporting, deductions, etc., the details behind payroll can get complicated fast.

FusionHR’s payroll platform provides our clients with full payroll functionality seamlessly integrated within the HCM. There is no need to login into multiple systems, duplicate data entry or worry about data integrity. All of your data lives in one place and is managed in one place.

Our solution can be tailored for businesses of all sizes and handle complex business processes.

Payroll Systems

FusionHR has created a dynamic module that allows for companies to take a client through our robust payroll platform via the EZPay payroll system.

EZPay is a framework for connecting the HCM Application and a payroll provider in order to provide an integrated and seamless HR and Payroll experience. Through EZPay, payroll data managed, added, updated, or deleted via the HCM Application is saved directly to the payroll provider, avoiding any duplication of data entry, while providing the ability to process payroll from within the HCM Application.

EZPay Features

  • Ability to process payroll for multiple payroll companies from within the FusionHR application
  • Access to standard batch reports
  • Various batch and payroll-level controls (configurable pay entry grid, time import capability, multiple checks)
  • Employee check previews
  • Detailed payroll entry capability across all applicable deductions, earnings, and tax codes
  • Basic and detailed views allowing administrators easy access to critical payroll data while processing
  • Automated generation of paystubs and W2’s
  • Ability to create and print manual checks in-house
  • Check calculator
  • Time import functionality
  • Paycheck overrides (tax frequencies, block earnings/deduction codes, block direct deposits)
  • Unlimited deduction earning tax codes
  • Agency payables with check delivery options
  • Ability to process payroll for multiple EIN’s
  • Seamless flow of data with FusionHR. Changes made to records updates HR and Payroll

FusionHR’s EZSync is a framework for connecting FusionHR to an external application so that data, managed through FusionHR, can automatically update to the connected application.

EZSync is designed as the next generation of FusionHR’s middleware technology and includes the ability to synchronize data in real-time between the HCM Application and the payroll provider.

EZSync Features

  • Efficient data load utilities to pull employee and payroll data directly into the FusionHR application, making implementation of new groups a breeze
  • Real-time data synchronization of employee records, such as demographics, compensation rates and transactions, direct deposit, deductions and taxes (federal, state, local)
  • Enhanced data validation to ensure accuracy of data between FusionHR and payroll
  • Data audit tools
  • Configurable data synchronization settings
  • One-to-many mapping relationships allowing syncing of data from a single HR account to multiple payroll companies